The Biker Jacket

One of the most iconic pieces in the history of fashion, must be the biker jacket. It was once a utility workwear for World War I, and later worn as a sign of rebellion by the likes of Hells Angels, rock’n’rollers, and actors.

Function met fashion in 1928 when Manhattan raincoat maker Irving Schott designed the first motorcycle jacket for Harley Davidson. The jacket was called the “Perfecto,” named after a cigar.

We all know that one of the MERCER7 signature looks involves an iconic leather biker jacket. It is a wardrobe staple we all need in our lives as it can give confidence and effortlessly cool style in an instance. From casual outfits to evening gowns; it simply works for any occasion.

One of my favourite brands is THE ARRIVALS NYC (as featured in product shots above) I am also a big fan of JOSEPH , IROPARIS , iconic BELSTAFF, SAINT LAURENTANINE BING and ALLSAINTS to name a few. If you are looking for a biker with hand painted details/calligraphy, then LAURIE LEE LEATHER is your girl.

I am wearing a Levi’s biker jacket, CLICK HERE to buy / see it in more detail. Photo by Kelly Reeves

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