The Sustainable Edit


‘Shop less, choose well’ Dame Vivienne Westwood said it better than we ever could, and I live by this mantra at MERCER7. We don’t need more. We need better.

Erna Leon Stokes / MERCER7

This Edit is all about curating ethically manufactured clothes, and featuring brands who have a considered approach to fashion.

Fabrics play a significant role when it comes to sustainability.  In this edit, I am focusing on plant-based materials such as TENCEL, Cupro, Modal & Lyocell, to name a few.   These fabrics are produced by an environmentally responsible process from sustainably sourced natural raw materials.
TENCEL is a regenerated cellulose fabric, which is created by dissolving wood pulp, which makes it one of the most sustainable options available to the ethically-minded consumer.
There are so many benefits in wearing natural fibres; they are not only biodegradable and breathable, but also absorbent.
Cupro, for example, is hypoallergenic, anti-static and resistant to stretching out of shape.
I will also include pieces made from Recycled Textiles, which high-end and high-street brands are using more and more.
When it comes to Vegan leather alternatives, Pinatex is the one to look out for, and it is made out of pineapple leaf fibre.
I will write a separate feature on fabrics alone in case you would like to know more.

I hope that you will like my edit, shop mindfully, and remember, you can make a difference by only buying clothes that are well made, pieces you absolutely love and know that you will wear over and over again. Simply taking care of your clothes can help prolong their lifecycle, before eventually ethically recycling them.

People Tree, in collaboration with BBC Earth.

This collection is illustrated with an in-house designed cheetah print from People Tree, in collaboration with BBC Earth. It’s made from 100% lyocell. Made by Creative Handicrafts, a social enterprise based in Mumbai that works to empower disadvantaged women of the local slum communities through economic independence.

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