The Basics

Don’t underestimate the power of wardrobe basics. They might not look ‘special’ enough to invest in, but they can do wonders for your outfits. They are the foundation of your wardrobe and the building blocks you can mix and match with the rest of your clothes.

Here are a few tips on how to start building your collection of basics, aka wardrobe essentials:

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  1. Go through your current clothes and your t-shirt draw and see what’s missing. Is it a plain white t-shirt? Is your current white turned into grey, and you no longer wear it?
  2. Try everything you already own and try to remember the last time you have worn them. If it was over a year ago and it’s not something you reach out for on regular basis, chances are you won’t miss parting with it. So donate it instead and make space for something you will wear and maximise on.
  3. When shopping for new pieces, always check the fabric content and make sure that the fit is perfect for you. Experiment with different sizes, and remember, it’s not what size you wear but how you wear your size.
  4. When it comes to buying basics, quality is everything! You don’t want to buy something that will stretch out or shrink after a couple of washes. So instead of re-buying the same cheaper pieces over and over again, it’s best to save up and buy something better (buy it once) that will last you for many seasons to come.

I hope these tips are helpful! Shop The Basics edit below.

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