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Transitional shoes can be tricky to find and by tricky I mean, we often get stuck on which styles are worth investing in. I wanted to highlight a few other footwear options besides boots I personally love during the transitional period as we head into Spring. 

When boots are too much and sandals are not enough these three footwear styles I’m listing below are my go-to options. 


When I was younger, I used to question my mum on why she kept buying so many loafers. Personally, I thought they aged a look, however as I’ve gotten older, it’s safe to say I get it. When it’s too hot for boots and too cold for sandals I would say a pair of loafers are the ultimate shoe choice for the transitional period. I find them comfortable, chic, and versatile. My most worn pairs come in off-white with brass hardware, and a pair of classic black: both worn with pretty much everything in my wardrobe, making them a must-have for Spring.

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are a brainchild of an Italian shoemaker Salvatore Capezio after the French ballet dancer Marie Camargo decided to wear flat shoes instead of heels while performing on stage, a first in the 1730s. Now they are one of the most quintessentially feminine shoes out there, a classic for so long, and perfect for adding a soft and ladylike touch to your everyday outfit. They are one of the most comfortable flat-style shoes you can find and are great to wear throughout your day transitioning from day to night, and from work to dinner.

White leather trainers

With the trend of New Balance trainers on the rise I notice more and more people have been pairing trainers with their everyday outfits, they add a more masculine vibe to the look which I do like, but white leather trainers specifically give this cool-girl aesthetic to any outfit which I personally prefer. They are simple, minimal, effortless and give a fresh, nonchalant mood, perfect for Spring. 

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