My go-to self care treatments for low-maintenance daily routine

For me there’s nothing better than a self-care day, whether that’s getting my hair done or a fresh set of nails put on. There are several beauty treatments that I get done regularly that make my life so much easier, since I’m always on the go, being a busy mum of two and running my own business. Of course, it’s all about preference and you certainly don’t need to do these things, but I wanted to share some of my go-to treatments that help me feel like my best self!


A fresh set of nails is a non-negotiable for me and always makes me feel instantly put together. I get powder gel and my go-to colour is ‘Milky White’ as it goes with everything. I use either my local salon or the Ruuby app, which is an at-home beauty and wellness service delivering expert beauty treatments wherever and whenever you need them, which is super convenient if you need to book a last-minute treatment. I’m also thinking of trying builder gel, which the Ruuby app also offers, so will keep you posted. If you’re interested in trying the app, you can use my code ‘ERNA15’ for £15 off your first treatment!


I love getting my lashes done, especially in the summer months when I go on holiday, to enhance my natural lashes with minimal makeup. Having a fresh set of lashes cuts my getting ready time in half and I can be out the door in 5 minutes which is perfect for the days I’m back-to-back with events! I always go to Camilla Lashes (@camilla_lashes on Instagram) who is an award-winning eyelash extension specialist, with A-list celebrities as part of her clientele. She offers a bespoke service, where the eyelash extensions are tailored to the client’s individual look, needs and lifestyle. The extensions can last 7 to 8 weeks, and it’s recommended to book in for an infill after this time to keep them looking fresh.


Microblading has been life-changing for me, and I rarely even have to fill my eyebrows in anymore. Check out Fox & Vamp salon in South Kensington for eyebrows.


Getting my hair done is another essential, because for me if my hair isn’t done, I don’t feel like myself! Recently I’ve been going to Larry King which is such a beautiful salon, with one in South Kensington and another in Notting Hill. As some of you may know I’ve been on a hair journey from brunette to blonde for the summer and my hair stylist @lucigreen_colourist has been a dream!

I also love the convenience of the Ruuby app, which I have already mentioned above (in the Nails section)! I use Ruuby on a weekly basis and have never been disappointed: from weekly hair blow-dries to tanning, nails and facials.


Laser is another life-changing treatment for me. So far, I’ve had 6 sessions using the Soprano Titanium hair removal technology. I can now go around 3 to 4 months without shaving, which is super low maintenance and one less thing for me to worry about! 


For the weeks that I’m not feeling as confident a spray tan instantly makes me feel better. This is another treatment that I get done through the Ruuby app which is so easy since they come straight to your house! For the at-home use, I love Sunless by Jimmy Coco and tan-luxe. I am also a big fan of the Body Blur by Vita Liberata.

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