A Guide to Declutter and Organize Your Wardrobe with 10 Simple Steps

There’s nothing more satisfying than a good clear out session to declutter and organise your space. When it comes to your wardrobe it can seem quite overwhelming, but breaking it down into steps is a great way to start and makes the job a lot more manageable. Keep reading to hear my top tips on decluttering and organising!

1. Assessment Time

Begin by emptying your entire wardrobe. Assess each item, considering its wear frequency, condition, and personal attachment. This initial step lays the foundation for a purposeful declutter.

2. The KonMari Method

Channel your inner Marie Kondo by keeping items that “spark joy.” If an item doesn’t evoke a positive emotion or serve a practical purpose, it might be time to part ways. You can read her book HERE, it is a super strict method but definitely has some great tips.

3. Seasonal Sorting:

Organize your wardrobe seasonally. Store off-season items separately to streamline your daily choices and make room for the clothes appropriate for the current season. My wardrobe is interchangeable and I wear some of my summer pieces in the winter to!

4. Capsule Wardrobe Creation:

Consider curating a capsule wardrobe with versatile, mix-and-match pieces. This minimalist approach not only simplifies your choices but also helps in maintaining an organized closet. You can find more info on Capsule Wardrobe steps in THIS blog post.

5. Donate or Sell:

If items are in good condition but no longer fit your style, consider donating or selling them. This ensures that someone else can enjoy and use what you no longer need. Plus, it’s better for the environment.

6. Categorize and Compartmentalize:

Group similar items together – shirts, pants, dresses, etc. Invest in drawer dividers, storage bins, or hanging organizers to maintain this order.

7. One In, One Out Rule:

Adopt a “one in, one out” policy. For every new item you bring into your wardrobe, consider letting go of an old one. This helps maintain a balanced and clutter-free space.

8. Regular Maintenance:

Schedule regular decluttering sessions to prevent accumulation. A brief monthly review can help you stay on top of your wardrobe organization.

9. Storage Solutions:

Utilize under-bed storage, hooks, and shelves to maximize your space. Clear storage containers are useful for items like accessories and shoes, allowing easy visibility. I also use them for my beauty and skincare products.

10. Daily Habits:

Develop daily habits to keep your wardrobe organized. Take a few minutes each day to hang up or fold clothes, ensuring that items return to their designated spots.

By incorporating these tips into your wardrobe organization routine, you’ll not only declutter your physical space but also create a more mindful and efficient approach to your personal style.

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