Holiday Packing Checklist

There are many things to keep in mind when packing for a holiday, and although it can be stressful, being organised beforehand will ensure a relaxing trip ahead. From basic travel essentials such as adapters and sun protection gear (if you’re travelling to a warmer climate) to holiday wardrobe essentials, I have curated a guide to get you ready for your next break! Keep reading for more information, as well as a breakdown of everything I packed for my trip to Florida.

Crochet dress is from Evarae, linked HERE.

Basic Travel Essentials

Firstly, I wanted to share my top travel essentials which include basic medication just in case, sun protection gear and aloe vera creams for sunburn and mosquito repellent (for warmer destinations). Using packing cubes is a great way to keep everything organised, from basic essentials to outfits, I’ve linked some below at various price points!

When it comes to planning outfits to take on holiday, start by thinking about what kind of holiday it is; If you’ll mainly be spending time at the beach and lounging by the pool, chances are, you won’t need to pack heels and gowns, so opt for sandals, beach coverups and, of course, swimwear options. Another tip is to not pack clothes you haven’t worn in years ‘just in case you wear them on holiday’ because you most likely won’t!

Now, let’s dive into my curated selection of holiday favourites and the outfits I packed for my trip to Florida. These are also all showcased on my Instagram and stories!

Slip Dress is from Evarae, linked HERE.

What I Packed For Florida

We went to Disney World whilst in Florida, which was so much fun! I received many messages regarding the trip, so have created a post including all the information (which rides we loved, what to wear, how many steps you’ll make, and more). Check it out HERE.

The Full Edit: Featuring My Favourite Holiday ‘New In’ Pieces!)

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