Cost Per Wear

Throwing back to this outfit (below), and my Max Mara skirt that just keeps on giving.

Which leads me to something I talked about since launching my website, nearly four years ago now. And it is Cost Per Wear!

In case you aren’t familiar with the concept, it is basically a formula that helps you decide if something is worth splurging on based on how many times you think you will wear the item you are purchasing. This method also helps you realise that the £20 jumper you bought last month, is costing you more than a slightly more expensive merino wool one you bought last week. 

With all the temptation out there and Instagram’s daily outfit inspo, one can’t help but wonder, what luxury items are really worth spending your cash on.

This mindset will help you:

• Make more considered purchases.

• Buy less by buying better.
i.e. one item instead of three.

• Invest in good quality and timeless design, which will result in longevity. Meaning it will last beyond one season.

• Save money in a long run.

So, how do you figure out if something is worth buying?

I tried to make it as simple as possible for you by giving you one of my examples that shows the ‘true cost’ of more expensive items. For example, I bought this silky skirt (featured) for £150 back in August. So far, I wore it 10 times.

At this point, my cost per wear is £150:10 wears=£15.
I know I will wear it at least 50 more times which will result in £150:60=£2.50 and Voila! In the end of the day, my £150 skirt, is costing me £2.50.

I hope all this makes sense and is helpful. Just remember to shop mindfully and always consider Cost Per Wear 🙂 X

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Here are some of the pieces that I wear on repeat/

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