Your Daily Uniform

As you know by now, MERCER7 is all about timeless capsule wardrobe essentials and versatility. (except when there is a party, my inner magpie comes out and I can not help it.)

When it comes to investing in new clothing, I always advise that you:

• Stick to a single aesthetic.
• Only buy pieces that don’t take too much planning. (i.e. a well-tailored black (or a neutral) blazer will go with pretty much everything in your wardrobe, and so will a trench coat or a black merino jumper for example)

• Think of your wardrobe as a puzzle where everything simply works together, so that all you have to do is keep wearing all your favourites on rotation, styled multiple different ways, creating your DAILY UNIFORM in the process.

Having the DAILY UNIFORM doesn’t only save us time, but it is the key to how we dress: it helps us define our style and simplify everyday dressing. It is also a more sustainable way of shopping when you focus on classics that last beyond the latest season.

With our busy schedules (not so much in Covid times, but when we get back to normality??) having a uniform is essential, and the MERCER7 EDIT is where you find your go-to pieces for whatever the day or night throws at you.

I have done multiple Instagram posts on my personal uniform, but in case you are new to my website (welcome!), here are my few wardrobe staples I wear on repeat /

• A blazer or a suit, as you can always mix and match. (wear as separates to make the most out of your wardrobe)
• A biker jacket
• An oversized menswear-inspired shirt (solid or in animal print)
• Cosy knitwear or a sweatshirt for the ultimate comfort.
• Basic T-shirt’s (White, black, grey and a few rock’n’roll inspired slogan tees to style with my blazers)
• Black leather leggings, or jeans.
• A jumpsuit.
• A pair of white leather trainers or ankle boots.

• A trench or a textured coat depending on the season. (One thing I am guilty of is owning too many outerwear pieces)

Some of my favourite outfits are a few years old, and I still wear and love every single piece that I own; that’s how it should be when you are shopping mindfully. As I always say: We don’t need more, we need better.

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